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        DADDY LIZARD         

Junior Lee Bryan popularly known in the music industry as “Daddy Lizard” was born in Kingston Jamaica. From an early age he developed an interest in music, and in 1986 he started to DJ on a sound system called Rambo International which came from the same community where he resided. Daddy Lizard then started to DJ on some of Jamaica’s top Sound Systems such as  Metro Media, Stone Love,  and Inner City  to name a few.

          In 1987, Daddy Lizard recorded his first single entitled “ Haf  Fi Fly  Out “ on the Techniques Label. In that same period of time, Daddy Lizard recorded a number of tracks for the Techniques Label including some of Daddy Lizards popular songs like “ Run Gal Run” , and “ Winery”. Daddy Lizard  then started working with some of Jamaica’s most famous Record Label companies, and producers like Fat-Eyes Productions, Red Man International, Steelie and Cleevie, Sly and Robbie, Bobby Digital, and King Jammys.

       In 1988,  Daddy Lizard’s music career reached a more professional level where he started performing on stage shows such as Reggae Sunsplash, Sting, Fresh, Champions In Action, and Hotshots. From the year of 1988 Daddy Lizard started his world tour with  Flourgon, Red Dragon, and Sanchez. Daddy Lizard  also made combination songs with other popular reggae artists like Chevelle Franklyn, Anthony Malvo, and Red Rose  to name a few.

      Daddy Lizard also created his debut album,  and  released his first single entitled “ The Music” and “Run Gal Run Remix” which  received a lot of rotation on air, and in the Dance-Hall.  Although the styles of music change from generation to generation from culture to culture , there are still a few artists who have transcended through age, racial. and cultural barriers. Daddy Lizard is one great reggae artist  who had transcended  from the digital dancehall era of music to a  modern  music world of technology still making great songs today.   

    Daddy Lizard is  not just a great reggae artist,  Daddy Lizard is also great reggae producer who  started his own production label,  which is known as “Reptile Productions”. He has produced reggae artists like Glen Washington, Ghost, Determine, Anthony B, Turbulance, and many more .  Daddy  Lizard musical style ranges from the  frivolous , from love, and from   the reality of social and cultural issues.  Daddy Lizard’ s music is always clean,  yet unpredictable.     

Daddy Lizard new songs for Jamaica 55th out now                                                                                                    Summer 2017



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