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Like so many of Jamaican Hit-Makers, Spectacular is a hit record maker !  He hails from the Kencot area of Kingston and was educated at the Maxfield Park Primary- and Norman Manley High-School. It was from the street corner that he graduated to start hanging out at the Penthouse recording facility, after school. In 1993 he made his first major stage performance after he had passed an audition for the Yard and Broad promoted, StarWave 93, at Fort Clarence/ Jamaica. In 1996 his first recording, "I Love This Girl", on the Chop Chop Label, was released. Right after this first record, Spectacular was burning more Fire on the Jamaican airwaves with Hit-singles like "Melody In Your Voice" for Buju Bantons Gargamel Label and "Push On Though", "Who Hail The Man" and "Love & Joy" produced by Veteran Engineer "Soljie" Hamilton and Dean Frazier. Within the years Spectacular worked with different european Producers from Switzerland and Pionear from Germaican Records (Voice of the People on Dr Darling Riddim) in Germany to built a strong link with the european reggae market. In 2004 he toured in Austria and Germany together with Lutan Fyah and later in the year in France and Spain with IrIe Ites Sound. 

While Spectacular was on tour he voiced for several producers in Europe to build enough tunes for his first Album. This succesfull tour created a strong name for the artist in the european reggae-scene and finally leads Spectacular to his first Album called "Find Yourself". Two other albums are on the way...one with US label named I n I Foundation and the other on Irie Ites Records. The first single he had on Irie Ites Records, Rasta on Zion Riddim, got great feedbacks from all over. Few months later, the world discovered his heavy hits Chant and Highgrade featuring Turbulence on Rocking Time Riddim and bussed him up in the charts worlwide !!! On Irie Ites latest release, Borderline Riddim, Spectacular has another great tune called Solution available now on 7. Listen and download Spectaculars tunes with the mixes on the left. (Highgrade Mix & Spectacular on Irie Ites). You still can get some of Spectaculars singles on labels like Minor7Flat5, Germaican Records and also his great combinations with Sizzla.


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